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  1. Ellen says:

    I’ve been thinking about blogging for a while. I can’t keep my thoughts or my comments to 140 characters or less so a blog seems the way to go. My real interest in blogging began in late 2009 when a letter was sent from a company and that letter found its way into my hands.

    So – hypothetically speaking, of course – a person worked for a company for 25+ years and retired – or was planning on retiring – based on the promises of that company to continue to provide health care coverage for that retired employee and all retired employees. And then suppose that company informed those retirees – again, hypothetically – that it’s just about tripling their health care premiums in 2010 (while gutting their medical coverage). And then – in this hypothetical scenario – the company told its retirees that it’s eliminating all medical coverage for retirees in 2011, leaving retirees with no medical coverage and probably no ability to afford medical coverage. That’d be a pretty lousy thing for this company – which hypothetically just went through a successful IPO – to do to those people who worked so many years to make the company what it is today. I know I’m making a huge generalization here but . . . this is just another example of rich, white men running companies from inside their little bubble who have no recognition of the reality of what a lot of everyday Americans (and particularly women) deal with every single day – unaffordable health care insurance, day care issues, being a single parent, living paycheck to paycheck, commuting long distances, etc.

    I hope you can sleep at night (that assumes, hypothetically, that these folks have a conscience that would keep them up at night over this hypothetical decision).

    You know, I feel so much better telling that hypothetical story and, even if no one ever reads it, I know it’s out there in the blogosphere, circling the earth just waiting for someone to find it interesting enough to take a look at.

    More random thoughts to follow.

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