Easter Blessings

So today I am filled with both joy and relief. My 40 day journey through Lent via my blogs to so many people who have changed my life for the better has come to an end. I am filled with joy for the affirmation of how many blessings I have been given from all the wonderful, compassionate, caring and kindhearted people my God has placed in my life. I am not certain I deserve all the goodness I have been given through my friends and family but I will do my very best every day to live my life in honor of the gifts they have bestowed upon me.

And I am relieved because it was an emotional journey for me. I could have written so many more blogs thanking so many more people for their presence in my life and, to anyone I may not have singled out directly, please know that you are thanked endlessly. It was emotional and humbling because – when face-to-face with all that has been done for and given to me over a lifetime – it makes you realize that none of us is ever alone, even when we may feel that way. There is goodness out there waiting to be found and we can all be an agent of change.

It would be far too easy to let your heart harden and to turn inward when faced with adversity or disappointment, when challenged by what seems to be an obstacle we cannot overcome, when people hurt or wound us. But what I have learned from my last few years, years I readily acknowledge have been some of the most difficult years of my life, is that you cannot let your past define you. That you can and should reach out and accept the friendship and kindness and love others offer you. That there is no shame in making mistakes or in failing. The only shame would be in not letting others help you rise above it all. Pay it forward as I promise all of you I will.

So I will end this Lenten journey by quoting you some words from a song by the great Leonard Cohen. Don’t focus on the flaw you perceive. Let the light in.

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in.


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