Days Thirty-Three and Thirty-Four – Aimee and Sheena

So a whole bunch of years ago, my darling Dad, my great kid and I were down at Point Pleasant strolling the boardwalk on an early autumn Sunday afternoon. There was a crafts fair on the boardwalk and I left my Dad and my son at the arcade and I browsed the tables. I came across a table with the most glorious scented candles I have ever experienced. I picked a few and chatted with the talented woman who made these candles and learned about her process. The scents were heavenly and I bought a few and asked how I could buy more in the future. She gave me a card showing all the crafts fairs she’d be displaying at through the winter and, a few months later, I headed back down to Point Pleasant and its local high school’s craft fair. I reintroduced myself and bought even more candles and asked if she sold at retail. She did, she told me, and gave me the name of a boutique just a short drive away: Plethora.

And that was my how my love affair with this spectacular boutique and its two kick ass owners, Aimee and Sheena, began. Their store, the epitome of a local business that knows customer service like no other retailer I’ve ever frequented, carries a multitude of things you don’t know you need until you see them. Fashion, candles, jewelry, handbags, photography, cards, glassware, baby clothes and more things than I can even recall. When Point Pleasant is our destination, my Mom and I (and my great friend, Carol, when she and I do our every-few-months-trek to Point Pleasant for a day of shopping, a great meal and even better conversation) always make Plethora our first stop.

When my sister came with us one day, Aimee and Sheena found her a one-of-a-kind dress she wore to a wedding that still stands out as a knockout of an outfit. My Mom must have 20 of their multi-dimensional scarves and actually carries their business cards with her to give out because so many people stop my Mom and ask her where she got the scarves. When my Mom was getting out of the hospital a few years ago, they had a gift for her the next time we visited. And they always give us a discount for no other reason than “just because”. I know that we are not the only people they treat this way because it’s in their DNA to be kind and cheerful and compassionate and giving.

When I need a gift, big or small, for my friends or family, Plethora is where I head and Aimee and Sheena are who I look to because they know what their customers like, they never try to push us into buying something that’s not right and they treat us like friends, instead of casual customers. I’ve gifted so many people with things I’ve bought there over the years and, as a local business, they so appreciate their customers. It’s always a privilege to support a business that gives back as much as they do. They often hold fundraisers where they donate a portion of their sales to various charities or events throughout the Jersey Shore. If I spot an item I’d like on their Facebook page (please check it out and I know you’ll fall in love with them too), I can send them a note and ask them to hold it for me and even if it’s months before I get back there, they’ve got it stored away for me. They are strong, beautiful and successful entrepreneurs and it’s a pleasure and a privilege to be their customer.

I’m so glad that all those years ago I let my Dad convince me to go to Point Pleasant on a Sunday afternoon where I stumbled across the crafts fair on the boardwalk and bought a candle that led me to the high school fundraiser which pointed me towards Plethora and Aimee and Sheena. They have been so kind to my family, my friend, Carol, and me and I love them to pieces. If you are ever down that way, please patronize their store. I can promise you that you will be happy that you did.


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