Day Thirty-One – Eileen

So my high school friend Eileen Dolan is the type of woman who is a success at everything she does. She is a Mary Kay representative extraordinaire (just ask her how many pink Cadillacs she’s received for her outstanding sales with them) and is also an outstanding nurse, ready to offer suggestions or advice when one of her friends is sick or struggling or has a family member receiving medical care. She has been on missionary missions to help those less fortunate than herself and knows that you are blessed when you give more than you receive.

Whenever we have one of our frequent high school lunches, she comes with little goodie bags for all of us, stuffed with makeup and skin care samples for us to try. At the annual fundraising event in memory of Jenn Esposito, the daughter of one of my other classmates, she always makes a donation of a basket of Mary Kay products to raffle off and raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in Jenn’s name. She makes no attempt to call attention to what she does but I am making sure that the world knows the goodness in her heart and the compassion in her soul.

I have a very short but deeply moving story about Eileen that demonstrates how kind a person she is. A few years ago I had ordered a Mary Kay gift card from Eileen to give to my Mom for Christmas. (My Mom has used Mary Kay skin care products for over 40 years and, if you’ve seen my mother, you’ll know how beautiful her skin is which she totally credits to Mary Kay). Eileen sent it off, I gave it to my Mom and she was thrilled. End of story.

Except it’s not. I forgot to pay Eileen for the card and then I fell on some difficult times and coming up with the money to pay her for the card became tough. She never nagged me about it even once and honored the git card when my mother redeemed it with her to order some more Mary Kay products. And when I finally was able to pay her for it many months later, she brushed off my apologies and said it was not a big deal at all. But it was for me because she was the epitome of kindness and grace and friendship and loyalty to me. I will never, ever forget that. She is the kind of person we all should have on our side.


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