Day Twenty-Six – Pat

So my family and I are lucky enough to have as our friend and car advisor extraordinaire the great Pat. My Dad was someone who knew everything about cars and could figure out how to fix whatever needed to be fixed, even if it was just a temporary solution to get us from Point A to Point B. (I remember a particular few months when I was a child when my Dad always carried a spare battery in our VW bug because we never knew when the one in our tired little car was going to die. And it did, frequently).

But since my Dad died, my Mom, my great kid and I are lost when it comes to figuring out what a strange noise means or why the car seems to be not accelerating as fast as it used to. We are lucky, so lucky that my Mom lives around the corner from the Firestone that Pat owns.

Any time we have any kind of problem, he is not only there for us but he makes sure to treat us beyond what would be considered normal customer service. He makes sure to give us the best possible price on any work or service and he doesn’t recommend work that really isn’t necessary.

And with my great kid being 2500 miles away and, until last summer, owning a car that could be kindly called a pile of junk, any time he had a problem (and there were a lot of problems, believe me) and had to take the car in to the local Firestone, Pat would call them and tell them who he was and to make sure they took excellent care of my great kid.

In a world where so many people can operate on the “less is more” theory when it comes to customer service, in a time when you want to make sure you can trust someone, Pat has advocated for us and helped us and treated us so kindly that it is a blessing. He always says to us that he wants to help us the way he’d want someone to help his son or his family and that is a true and rare quality in a person. He is smart, hard-working and a family man who refers to his wife as The Queen every time he talks to us about her. He is decent and kind and a treasure and that he looks after us whenever we need him to do is something to celebrate. It’s far too easy to be the person who complains when we don’t get good customer service. I always try to be a person who lets someone know when they’ve done a great job. Telling you that Pat does a great job each and every day is my pleasure.


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