Day Eleven – Samantha

So many moons and several dogs ago I met my friend Samantha at the animal hospital where I had brought my long-gone-now-but-still-missed dog Sandy for some sort of issue. My great kid and I were planning our first vacation together since we had moved to our home and started our new life and I was looking for some recommendations from the vet about a good place to board Sandy while we were gone.

My vet suggested I speak to Samantha who in addition to being an extraordinary vet tech also did in-home pet sitting. We talked at my house and Sandy, who was not always friendly to new people placed in her orbit, was instantly enamored with Samantha who is a sort of dog whisperer. We left on our trip and Samantha came over 2 or 3 times a day to walk Sandy and feed her but she also would stay and spend time with her, petting her and playing with her. It was the perfect answer because keeping Sandy in her own environment as opposed to putting her in a dog hotel was really better for her.

When we had to make the awful decision to put Sandy to sleep, Samantha was in the room with my darling Dad and my great kid to make sure Sandy was surrounded by people she loved as she went over the Rainbow Bridge.

A few months later we adopted the puppy I wrote about recently, the puppy who himself went over the Rainbow Bridge a week ago. When this puppy became deathly ill shortly after we got him, I knew how lucky we were that he was at the hospital not only with our great vet but with Samantha there as well. She’d check in on him, hold him, comfort him every day she worked. Knowing she was there made it easier for me to not worry as much about him while I was at work.

We got another puppy 2 years after that and Samantha continued to take care of both of them whenever we went away. When she discovered my beagle was limping one day when she came to visit, she called us immediately and asked if it was OK to take him over to the vet to have him checked out. As it turned out, he had a soft-tissue injury he probably got from jumping off the couch (the very couch he was not supposed to jump onto in the first place). She made sure he got great medical attention so that by the time we got back almost a week later, he was well on the road to recovery.

It was a sad day for all of us when Samantha moved away and wasn’t able to be our puppy nanny any longer. The dogs missed her and my great kid and I did as well. She’s so compassionate and devoted to animals and I had such complete trust in her that I gave her a set of keys to my house so she could just come and go as she needed to. I suspect she still may have the keys but if she wanted to show up tomorrow and let herself in to play with my remaining puppy, Lexi, I’d be great with that.

So thank you, my friend, for being the fairy godmother, companion and true friend to all 3 of my puppies over the years. Thank you for always being there for all of us, in the good times and those desperately sad times.

You’re the best, Sam, and never stop believing in yourself. Go be happy. You deserve it.


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