Day Five – The Dog

So a long time ago we lost our dog, Sandy, after a brief illness. It was 2007 and a tough year for us. Someone I had trusted had betrayed me, cheated me, broken my spirit and left me with an inability to know my own abilities about who to trust. It was an unhappy time around here and, after we lost our dog, we were kind of drifting along waiting for the next shoe to drop.

And then my great kid convinced me we needed another dog so that we could go forward and direct our energy into something that truly needed us. If you’re a pet owner, you know how your heart breaks when you lose your pet and, if you’re like me, you may be reluctant to open your heart again to another one. But we did, a tiny beagle puppy that a breeder decided was the runt of the litter and couldn’t be sold. We ended up with him. He was the size of a beanie baby and, within days of getting him home, he became dreadfully ill. Kennel cough and pneumonia were diagnosed and he ended up in the animal hospital. It was very touch and go for a long while. My Dad, God bless him, went there every day to visit with him and I did too, on my way home from work. We saw this tiny creature struggling to breathe with an IV in his leg. None of the treatments were working and my great vet finally said to us that they had only one more option to save him. I told them to try and, miraculously, it worked and after a 6-week stay at the animal hospital he finally came home.

He was a great dog, although he did have a propensity as puppies often do of eating anything and everything in his path, including a piece of furniture in my living room and 2 pair of my eyeglasses. Why does he do that, I asked my vet. He’s lonely and bored, she told us. Get another dog to keep him company. We did and the snacking on furniture ended.

And then about 2 years ago he was diagnosed with epilepsy which we managed for a long time with medications. He was good natured about the frequent vet visits he had to endure, the (what I can only imagine was) horrible tasting medicine he got twice a day, the side effects he had to endure. But no matter what he remained a great pet who loved to sleep on the bed, eat baby carrots and grass, and cuddle up next to me on the couch. He filled an empty space in our hearts many times over. He made us smile, laugh, be happy again.

Today that dog, my dog who helped us get through a difficult time, my puppy who was suffering so much for the past few days crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. I’m brokenhearted and my great kid even more so because he couldn’t be here to say his goodbyes in person. It is an awful thing to have to make that decision. It would be very easy to try and keep him around longer but that would be selfish. So I did what my great kid asked and stayed with him until the end, telling him what a great dog he was and how much we loved him and that my Dad would be waiting for him on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. And I truly believe that.

This great dog saved us when we needed something positive in our lives. As sad as I am, I am ever so grateful for the nearly 10 years I had with him. Goodbye, my good dog. I’ll see you again one day.



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