Count your blessings

So, this will be a short blog, and a hard one for me to write too. I’m a person for whom her belief in God, and the belief in the notion that we will all be together again in eternity, is deep and true. But tonight, amidst joy in my family at the birth of our newest member, there is also great sorrow as family friends have lost their very young child to a cruel disease.

I know, and I truly believe, that God has a great plan for all of us and that things happen according to that plan. (And for those of you who don’t believe what I do, I understand how you feel and please know I too held those same feelings once.) But it is hard to understand or accept God’s plan when he takes an infant back home to heaven.

I am so happy for the birth of my youngest cousin, while also so deeply sad at the heartbreaking pain our family friends are going through. And I wonder what words one can possibly offer someone who suffers such a loss beyond “I’m sorry”. For maybe there are no words that can mend their hearts, or heal their pain, or bring them to a place of peace and acceptance.

So all I can do is pray. I pray for my new cousin and her parents, that their lives may be blessed and healthy and long and full of love, and I will do my darndest to make that happen, as I know that they have already brought such love to my life and my great kid’s life. And I also pray for my family friends, that they are granted strength and hope and comfort now and always.

Let’s remember – and I know how easy it is with all the business in our lives and the craziness of the day-to-day things we try to accomplish to forget this – to focus on the good, to remember the blessings we are all given every day, to realize that we are lucky to be alive and live in a country which gives us our liberties, and to say thank you for all things great and small. But I’m going to try a little harder tomorrow, and the next day too, and hopefully every day after that, to put a smile on my face, and a song in my heart, and offer a kind word or thought to those I meet but especially to those I hold near and dear and count my blessings, instead of curse my circumstances.

The important things in life aren’t measured in dollars, or square footage, or carat weight, or number of Facebook friends, but in the way you feel and the way you live and the way you love – and the way you are loved back – that is a true measure of a life well lived.

I’m a great believer in prayer and say mine every day. As far as I’m concerned, prayer can’t hurt and I deeply believe it can and does help.  So please, whatever higher power you worship or praise, pray for my new cousin and pray for our friends. Your thoughts and prayers will help them, even if they don’t know that you’ve sent them your positive thoughts.

And let’s all count our blessings.


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